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Copying files to a series of DVD

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I want to back up a series of files to DVD. In total, there is about 20 GB of files. I want the files to be on the DVD in original format, not zipped or any other format. In the past I have just selected a group of files that would fit on a DVD and burn that, but this gets fiddly.

I have checked the forum discussion on backups but none of the programs seem to do this.

Is there a program that will allow one to select a range of files and directories, break them into DVD sized groups so that they can be burnt to DVD ( or burn directly to DVD)?



There is a tool called: Burn To The Brim

Seems to be for CD and DVD.

Found it at Will try it.



AMBackup (via google  8) have not tried it yet). Anyways, I believe Handy Backup, Genie, Backup4all and probably others have this feature.


* File search by type

* Zip and Zip64 support

* FTP backup support

* Basic CD/DVD burning support

* Always being improved

* Save/load backup settings

There' s also an old PC Mag application that does this as well. Two caveats, though:

1. I don't know if it is XP compatible, let alone Vista
2. PC Mag apps are $8 or so, unless you want to pay for a month or a year's access to the entire collection (about $20 a year).


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