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After I drag the icon to circle, it also remains on desk top.

Why to keep 2 icons one one desktop & other in circle.

If i delete the desktop icon, the link in circle also does not work

Thanks for the reply in advance

If you have a desktop icon it is only a shortcut to the prog (or file).
If you drag it to CD, you have created a shortcut (CD) to the shortcut (Desktop).
Taking out the shortcut (Desktop) leaves the shortcut (CD) pointing to nothing.

What you should do is to take the icon from the program folder (usually in Programs on the C drive) and put that in CD.
You could then remove the desktop icon and just use CD.

In this Sunday's official release of Alpha 8, Circle Dock will now use the target path of the shortcuts (.lnk) you drag onto the dock so you won't need two sets of icons anymore. It won't do this retroactively to the links you have on Circle Dock right now because there may be instances where you do want to reference a .lnk file.


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