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Spore: a Codyrific journey

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Holy carp! This is indeed a momentous occasion for both the Cody Empire and the Crocidius! As of this very moment, the Crocidius have made contact with the first alien race, and it is none other than the Cody Empire! Cody has awesome armor, by the way!

Spore: a Codyrific journey

This is a screenshot of what is happening in the game as I type this post (I alt-tabbed out to post this)!

Hmm... Declare war and eradicate Cody from the universe, or make peace?

ahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaha !!!!
whoa that's crazy!

Hahaha, that's way too cool!

I wonder if it's completely random, or if there's some insanely sneaky AI and web-crawling going on in the game :P :-*

You're more likely to see the content in your game from Sporecasts you subscribe to. Adding a friend to your buddy list is effectively subscribing to a Sporecast made up entirely of your friend's content.

Unfortunately, Spore seems to think it's a good idea to share the same creature multiple times, so I've actually met two different Cody Empires now and another "alien" race that doesn't like me that is actually also my Crocidius race (with my old Tribal clothes on). That's kind of a bummer. So right now there are two Cody Empires (who wear different clothes) and two Crocidius races, and a couple of other alien races.

I think Cody Empire is made up of a bunch of Space Hippies. Here's how the rest of that conversation went after I said "I am from the Crocidius. I come in peace."

Spore: a Codyrific journey

Spore: a Codyrific journey


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