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X-Com: UFO Defense for only $4.49


if you're on Steam, you can purchase X-Com: UFO Defense for only $4.49 and the whole set for $13.49. check out this wikipedia article for more info on this seminal game.


Oh, they finally got the original (and not just the sequel, TFTD) on STEAM? I wonder if the "XCOM: UFO Defense" (or "UFO: Enemy Unknown" as it was known in Europe) also uses my patch - the STEAM version of TFTD certainly does. Of course nobody from the actual companies had the courtesy to tell me :)

wow! f0dder, i didn't know that you actually had a hand in modernizing the game. great work! :up:

but i can't actually confirm about the patch because i didn't purchase the game. i made the post just to introduce the game to younger gamers or those who missed out the first time. :)

wow! f0dder, i didn't know that you actually had a hand in modernizing the game. great work! :up:-lanux128 (September 09, 2008, 08:06 PM)
--- End quote ---
I did so several years ago; I had purchased the "Collectors Edition", and was joyed to find out it had windows binaries; either dosbox etc didn't work very well back then, or I just didn't know about it, so I had missed playing XCOM/UFO. When I tried starting the game, the graphics were all garbled. Since I had done a little graphics coding of my own, my guess was (correctly) that it was a width vs. pitch issue. One of my friends was visiting, and he said "but you know how to fix bugs in other people's code!", so while talking with him etc., I hunted down and fixed the bug overnight.

Apparently, the source code to the games was lost, which is why 2kgames used my patch for the STEAM release of Terror From the Deep. At least that's what the 2kgames representative told me when I contacted THEM. Nope, they didn't contact me about it beforehand. Said they'd send me a couple of games for the effort, and then I never heard from them again.


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