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If you want to include a link to website from your signature or from your website, i've just made a ton of them (thanks to jpfx for the 'userbar' link that inspired these).


(just click on a link to get the html code to include the image from our site and a link to our homepage; you'll have to modify it if you need bb code, or if you want to link to one of our other pages).

If you use one of these please make a post and let us know!

Creamy Goodness:
Okay, well here's a post to let you know I used one of these. I figured you might want to know that I listed your process tamer program on my website, although it doesn't get much traffic yet so it probably doesn't matter ;)

love it!

i liked your suggestions as well, especially the idea for maybe some kind of "emergency override" hotkey where you could correct the situation where a high priority app is suddenly taking over your cpu, and the idea of maybe having an option that says to not lower priority of apps that are in the foreground (nice idea!).  Adding these ideas to todo list for v3.

some new buttons recently added:

Sorry to bump this old thread, but I couldn't find another place to post a userbar I made.

Just a simple thing made with Gimp, based on this tutorial.


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