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Send some info of your PC!

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I think you should ask them for the install disks as well Curt, I noticed you say they aren't included, now would be the time to make sure they give them to you.  and have fun with it, sounds good to me.

You can bet that I did ask. Repeatedly. Their shop is merely one out of many shops within a concern - they don't have it, and they don't care to get it.

I was offered to order a rescue CD for $80 instead

No worries, Curt  :Thmbsup: As far as 32-bit vs 64-bit goes, the main difference (for me) is the ability of the OS to access and use all the RAM installed on your computer. I actually, jumped at a cheap upgrade from 3 to 4 GB of RAM on my notebook, knowing that there was a risk that it would be all for nought, and it was! However, even with it only recognising 3GB, it FLIES.

Re: your install discs, before you return the computer, check to see if the discs are actually located on your harddrive and that you don't need to use a factory installed recovery program to burn them to DVD?

I will have to demonstrate how little if anything at all I understand about this subject: Are you telling me that every modern PC can run 64-bit??? I thought (imagined) there were 32-bit machines and 64-bit machines, the hardware, and to fit this technique you did not had any choice regarding the bit numbers of the Operating System, the software.

yes   :)

... but not all software will run on 64bit  :(


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