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Links to Review and Comments - Add yours!

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I want to start a thread for all of our application sections with pointers to review and software listing sites that accept reviews.

So users can visit to read more opinions about our programs, and most importantly so that our users can easily go and leave their comments for others to read!

If you are a fan of our software please do us a favor and visit these sites and take the time to leave your thoughts for others to read!

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Hey Dont Fornicate:
this thread seems like the best place to mention you're now on wikipedia ;)

This is a few months old, but I didn't have a scanner handy back then... URL Snooper was mentioned in the Danish computer magazine "Alt Om Data" (Everything About Data) in #2/2008. My engrish transliterification of the snap goes as such:
This program is a clever little bastard. It's a so-called "packet sniffing" program. The program finds al lURLs to multimedia objects on a page, and if you want something else, you just choose the function "show all". You can filter your search with keywords and specify favorite URLs, so you can access them quickly. But what does this all mean? It means you can download just about any elements of the page you're visiting. You do need a third-party program for this, though, for example flashget which is our third reviewed programs this time.

--- End quote ---
(Yeah, that was horrible, but the Danish version wasn't exactly a good read either... the magazine has been going downhill for a while :)).

Links to Review and Comments - Add yours!

PS: gotta love how they were too lazy to do a screenshot of their own, and just grabbed one from , without posting any proper credits...

URLSnooper gets a mention in this blog with an usage example.

• URLSnooper Displays Full Path of Hidden Remote URL


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