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How do you manage your email?

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I use Popfile and Outclass with Outlook 2007.  Popfile is a bayesian filter, but unlike most will classify more than just spam.  You can create any number of classifications and being bayesian it learns what incoming email should be classified as.  Outclass is just a hook into Outlook for popfile that allows easy reclassification etc.
In terms of the actual sorting of me email, I have a pretty simple structure.  Work, personal, mailing list, and spam. 

popfile is awesome - the only bayesian filter I ever used that could not only learn about spam, but i taught it to recognise
- newsletters & automated letters
- professional email
- personal email
Once trained it could tell the difference between a colleague sending me an email about work or about going clubbing thursday night!

The Bat! and ABC Amber are two of only three programs that I have gladly paid for. I believe they are worth a total of $30. Otherwise, I strongly advocate donating to and using open source software wherever possible.-Antonimo (September 14, 2008, 02:14 PM)
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As a long time user and an active member on both TBUDL/TBBETA before giving up, I have to say I liked The Bat! a lot, too. I would still be using it if RITLabs delivered on its promise to support Chinese/Japanese/Korean mail properly. It never did. Still doesn't with the latest v4. (Tried v.4.0.18 a while back.)


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