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IDEA: Toggle Fullscreen of Control

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 :tellme: No, I have FullScreen running at 0% CPU load in Vista on a quad core.

How it's done? I think they just grow and shrink the controls. The trick is deciding which controls to adjust.


Skrommel: That's a great find! It works wonderfully and it's something that could actually be very practical as a day-to-day program. I would consider giving it space in my startup folder had any of you made the program. I had thought about how to make the other controls from the parent window available once a certain control was made fullscreen, Fanix Fullscreen seems to have solved that very nicely.

I can't reliably report on the CPU usage because my old laptop is usually overly-taxed as it is. It seems though, as though it's fairly nice on resources.

Also, I don't actually normally use Autodesk Inventor myself but I'll hassle one of our engineers soon and post the results.

VideoInPicture: I'm a regular reader at and it was pretty funny seing this post today. Congratulations on all the positive reviews! Also, I've now tested Fanix Fullscreen with Autodesk Inventor and it works like a charm, it has the exact functionality that I was looking for in my original post. It's a great program.

* Hold your mouse over a video or window title bar and press F10 to extract it.
* Press F11 to restore the extracted object.

Eric Wong

-VideoInPicture (September 17, 2008, 04:01 PM)
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I made a Dutch translation for this:
you can download it at Dutch.ini

Pls send me a mail for a reaction ;)


Thanks for the translation! I will include it when I release the update that fixes a potential startup problem with the settings file.


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