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IDEA: Toggle Fullscreen of Control

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VideoInPicture: I tested your app with Excel 2003 since it seems to handle windows similarly to Autodesk Inventor. Window Extractor worked flawlessly and expanded the spreadsheet to fullscreen and back again, so your app is definetly a keeper. However, when I tested it with Inventor, the program crashed miserably right away. I'm not sure why or what could be done to workaround this. Any ideas?

Did you try putting the mouse over the title bar of the window you want to extract? You could also try just putting the mouse right over top of the display area in the window and try to extract that.

If that fails, it means that your CAD program has dependencies on those windows and won't allow you to extract them no matter the method used.

Window Extractor uses the SetParent windows api function so it's success will depend on the success of this function.

Hmm, I've been thinking about the third option you suggested as a possible solution and I think I will code that two and I think it would look quite nice for the idea I have....

I'll have to see if it works out in practice.

VideoInPicture: Sorry for the delayed reply! I've tested Window Extractor a few more times and it consistently makes Autodesk Inventor crash. It probably has to do with the fact that the program is changing the parent of the window.

Today I thought of a very easy solution which doesn't involve setting the parent of the window. This solution is actually something that could be done very easily with AutoHotkey but considering your app already works very well, perhaps you could incorporate this. How about making sure the parent window isn't maximized (i.e. If the window is maximized, restore it) first, then finding the size of the given control, then resize and reposition the parent window so that the control fills the entire screen? Isn't it perfectly possible to set the size of a window to be larger than the screen size? This approach is easy, simple and would ensure that all functionality of the window and its control is kept intact. Perhaps you could incorporate several approaches and list them as option? What do you think?

Also, since this is meant to be a presentation tool. Perhaps it should be taken into account that the users might be using multiple monitors? Would that be difficult to somehow accomodate?

I don't think you can resize a Window to be larger than the size of all your monitors, even if it's not maximized. Windows imposes a limit on what the largest window size can be based on your virtual monitor size.


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