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IDEA: Toggle Fullscreen of Control

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 :) I had this exact program on my old computer, shareware, but I can't remember it's name or where I found it, so I tried creating something like it myself a while back, but I never completed it. I'll go looking for either of them.


Skrommel: It would be great if you found something on this. I hope it's your own script you wind up finding because that will give us the possibility to customize it. Takk!


IDEA: Toggle Fullscreen of Control1
IDEA: Toggle Fullscreen of Control2
IDEA: Toggle Fullscreen of Control3
IDEA: Toggle Fullscreen of Control4
IDEA: Toggle Fullscreen of Control5
IDEA: Toggle Fullscreen of Control6
IDEA: Toggle Fullscreen of Control7

I've coded a program called Window Extractor that will allow you to extract those windows in your CAD program and make them full screen with no borders and you should still have some of the normal functionality of that window, such as rotating and zooming in objects.

You can also use it to extract YouTube video's like with Detach Video. I'm not sure if anyone else is having a problem with Detach Video where it isn't replacing the video in the same spot that it came from, but I find that Window Extractor pops out and replaced online videos reliably and in the same place it comes from. I've tested it on IE, Firefox, and Chrome.

Window Extractor is actually able to extract any object in Windows that has a window handle. However, not all programs allow for extractions without crashing so it is best to test it out before use on a presentation.

Window Extractor is written in C# and the source code in on the website: You need .Net Framework 2.0 or later to use it.

* Window Extractor is activated by using two hotkeys that can be changed in the settings panel.
* Hold your mouse over a video or window title bar and press F10 to extract it.
* Press F11 to restore the extracted object.

Eric Wong

There was a little bug in the language loader of Window Extractor 1.0 and I have released version 1.1 to fix it:

On some computers, version 1.0 may not properly load the language files because it was using a short hand version of the file paths. Version 1.1 uses the complete paths for the language files.

Fantastic! Thank you so much for your efforts. I'll test this today and post the results asap.


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