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IDEA: Toggle Fullscreen of Control

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Cool! I just hope people test Window Extractor out before using it for presentations or they may find out that some programs don't like having their elements extracted.

I left a note on Martin's page just in case and noted that they can try out Present This Window instead, which doesn't have the risk of crashing.

VideoInPicture: Am I the only person that refers to you by your nick? In any case I wanted to congratulate you on both "Window Extractor" and "Present This Window", I'm very pleased that others have realised their usefulness.

Unfortunately, neither seem to do the trick for Autodesk Inventor: Window Extractor makes it crash, and Present This Window creates a "static" fullscreen presentation, whereas I hoped to be able to continue to interact with the window and its controls and make it a "live" fullscreen presentation. Window Extractor really was perfect for this purpose and it might also be that it works with older versions of Autodesk Inventor.

On another note, since these programs are almost identical in use and function wouldn't be completely natural to combine the two into a single Fullscreen Presentation program with two different "modes"?

You can call me either name, I'll respond to both.  :D

I don't know if I can get Autodesk Inventor to display it like in your OP because of that crashing issue. I think we should get Skrommel in on this and see if he has any ideas that can help. Perhaps we could make the static image click through to the original application?

Also, can you post a screenshot of Autodesk Inventor with all the toolbars hidden and try to get the window you want to display as large as you can?

It would make sense to combine Window Extractor and Present This Window, but I found it easier just to program Present This Window separately from Window Extractor so I didn't have to worry about the settings. However, I will combine them in the future.

 :) I found it!

It's called FullScreen by Fanix Software, and it's just brilliant!

Just Alt-Leftclick in the control you want to maximize, and it fills the screen. But if you move the mouse outside of the control, it automatically shrinks back down to show what's hiding outside! Magic!

- In Internet Explorer, if you Alt-Leftclick in the main window, it is maximized.
- Now move the mouse to the top of the screen, and it shrinks to show the caption, menu, button bar and address bar!
- Move it to the bottom of the screen, and it shrinks to show the status bar!
- When you're done, just Alt-Leftclick to restore it again.


You really don't need that 48 inch monitor after all!


I've just downloaded FullScreen and I have to say, I'm impressed that it works!

However, I have encountered a problem with it. Each time I use it to make a window fullscreen, it makes my CPU utilization go up to 100% and doesn't really fall back down even when I close the program or the window I'm using. I have a dual-core CPU so it seems to be making the fullscreen window use up 50% of the CPU and then Explorer.exe takes the other 50% of the CPU. I had to restart Explorer in order to bring the CPU back down. I'm on Vista 32-bit and I tested it out using Microsoft Word, Notepad, and Calculator.

Skrommel, do you have the same problem? Do you have an idea of how they made the fullscreen windows larger than the monitor size?


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