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IDEA: Toggle Fullscreen of Control

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VideoInPicture: Doh! That's explains quite a bit... Any progress on the magnifying approach?

Haven't had much time to work on the magnification idea since I'm busy with university classes at the moment. Actually, I haven't had much time to work on updating my other programs other than thinking about what I have to change.

I'll see if I can code something soon.

Got the second program coded: Present This Window. This one will take a static screenshot of an embedded or standalone window and present it to the screen. This one won't crash since it doesn't change anything about the original windows.

IDEA: Toggle Fullscreen of Control1
IDEA: Toggle Fullscreen of Control2
IDEA: Toggle Fullscreen of Control3
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IDEA: Toggle Fullscreen of Control5

Present Embedded & Standalone Windows From Programs

* Present This Window allows you to quickly take a screenshot of embedded or standalone windows and present them in a pleasing manor. The screenshots are shown without title bars or borders and is automatically sized to fill up as much of your screen as possible.
* Places a translucent background behind the screenshot to provide better contrast. The color and opacity of this background can be changed.
* Great for presentations where you want to show off a CAD drawing, accounting spreadsheet, or other software that don't support a fullscreen mode.
* Can be used in conjunction with ZoomIt from Windows Sysinternals for a very professional and complete presentation system.
* It is open source and the code is available for download.
* Present This Window is activated by using two hotkeys that can be changed in the settings panel.
* Hold your mouse over a window or window title bar and press F10 to present it.
* Press F11 to close the screenshot of the presented window. Alternatively, you can right-click on the screenshot or press ESC to close it.

That is pretty darn cool.. I can see how that would be very useful for a presentation.. sort of a smart zoom.

Martin wrote about Window Extractor on ghacks today:


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