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IDEA: Toggle Fullscreen of Control

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I would like to have a small program that will allow a user to stretch a given region of the screen (a window and/or control) to fill the entire screen and then "unstretch" it back to its original size and position. The program wouldn't need a user interface of its own, hotkeys would probably suffice. More specifically, I need to stretch a window in Autodesk Inventor which is a 3D CAD program and give the user the ability to show only the 3D model on the screen without any of toolbars, buttons, taskbars etc. that clutter the working space. This program would be of equal interest to many other 3D packages (That don't have this feature already) or other software. It's main intention is for presentation purposes where you want to clean the screen for distracting elements. I suppose this could be accomplished by hiding the regions of the screen that are not of interest, but I am looking for something that will make maximum use of the screen real estate.

I have experience with AutoHotkey but I haven't been able to find a suitable solution. I've tried a few different approaches so far:

-Set the size of the control to be equal to the screen size and set the control to be the topmost control.
This didn't work because the control is a child of the parent window (Autodesk Inventor) and I couldn't set the size of the child control to be larger than the size of the parent window. The control is stuck inside the parent window.

-Detach the control, set its parent to a new gui and set the size of the gui to be equal to the screen size
This is when I came across Skrommels DetachVideo. This seems to be very promising and a great starting point. Extending and modifying DetachVideo to detach and stretch any control would do the trick nicely. One issue with this approach is that even if all keystrokes and mouse clicks are "forwarded" to the parent window, the parent window has "lost control of the control" so the program might not function properly?

-Create a separate window which magnifies the original control
This might work as well, but I couldn't get things right and ideall I would like not to distort the image (zoom). If nothing else works then this will suffice.

Related links I've come across:
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I've attached some pictures showing the Autodesk Inventor main window.

* The first image shows the standard window with the window of the 3D model maximized inside the parent window.
* The second image shows the standard window with the windows of the 3D model "restored" inside the parent window.
* The third image shows what I want the full screen to look like. This essentially shows the entire goal of the program
* Snapshot from WindowSpy
Can this be accomplished?

Thanks in advance.

I believe you are looking for ZoomIt:

Run the program, right-click on the tray icon, select zoom and then use your mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out on a region of your screen.

VideoInPicture: Thanks for your quick reply but this is slightly different to what I'm looking for. I know of Zoomit from the Sysinternals suite of applications, like the rest of the suite it is very reliable and does exactly what it says on the tin. Ideally though, I do not want to zoom anything because that will distort the image and possibly complicate user input. Ideally, I just want to be able to stretch a given control to fill the entire screen and be able to interact normally with it.

you can combine some of Skrommel's tools such as WinWarden and UnderCover. both can monitor and makes changes to a window like display size, hiding a window's buttons and other controls.

lanux128: Thanks for the tip, I might be able to find some code I could use in one of those program's but out-of-the-box, neither had the capabilities that I'm looking for. This seems like something that nicely complement the other commands of WinWarden. If only Skrommel were here....


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