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FARR is one of "12 MORE Insanely Essential Utilities For Programmers"!

Why is FARR for programmers?

Dont get me wrong FARR is still the best but I came across this (not being developed any more) TypeAndRun

I do prefer its interface - SO simple!  but what I really love is the way it autocompletes for you, say you start typing C:\pr   it fills in the rest really fast. I know FARR does it too but you have to press tab every now and then.

I've added TypeAndRun to the large FARR Help file section listing related products.

the best application launcher for windowsCheck!!  8)

Find and Run Robot is one of the most powerful apps on the list, with a ton of settings, plugins, and alias capabilities that let you customize a lot of how it works. It's a bit more difficult to set up, since it's so advanced, but it's good if you have very specific needs. It's biggest downside is that it doesn't index at all, which keeps resource usage low but can be slower to find things. Executor lets you choose, which is one of the reasons why it's just the best there is.
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