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2/3s of a page feature in August issue of PC World by Laura Blackwell (pg 76).  It may be the same as the write up in the newsletter that has been mentioned, but in the print form it will get more exposure.


Very cool  8)

Here is the scan:
Links to Review and Comments - Add yours!

I've used Slickrun for a long time but after trying FARR for a couple of days I can't stop myself from just hitting the Break key to reopen a folder or whatnot.

Anyway, I posted my high opinion of your app on Softpedia.  Should show up in a day or 2.


In the past I used Launchy but I have an old computer with not much Ram and so indexing bothered me.
Then I switched to Keybreeze but it was not very practically in my opionion.

But then I read this yesterday and I fell in love with FARR.

Although it will be hard work to configure it and figure out all the features I'm looking forward to it.

Thank you mouser.

Welcome to the site bubi  :up:


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