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Just a suggestion for FARR (and other softwares) : would it be possible to have the main window open up as soon as one single left-click on the tray icon ?  Currently it's RMB + select corresponding menu item.  I know there is a keyboard shortcut, but when one want to keep the hand on the mouse, it's a plus.

MerleOne: You can double-click the tray icon and farr will come up.
I think it's better for you to do one more click, than changing that and going against the default behaviour of tray icons. I hate it when they are activated by only one click (like flashget...  >:()

I actually would like this as well. At least it could be an option. What is the point of not reacting to a click on the tray?


in this case i have to side with jgpaiva that double click to launch should be default, but i suppose i could add single click as an option.

however i must point out that farr is made for keyboard freaks, and the idea of having to use your mouse to launch it is heresy!  :'(

Thanks for the reply.  I agree normal behaviour is double click, but for some apps that are used quite often, single clic is better IMHO.  If you could add this as an option that would be great !


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