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Nice write-up of the new release by BetaNews writer Nick Peers, who clearly took the time to read about the new features:

Not a review nor a comment, but just a listing to

@mouser: if you have any observation, please tell me so I can modify the database entry accordingly.

Thanks joby, and thanks for using the new image.  Looks good to me.

The FileForum site is really great about posting announcements of beta releases of Screenshot Captor:

It's just a shame that there are so few user reviews of SC there, and no good ones for almost two years..

Nice short post on "Dr. Andus's toolbox" blog:

Then I remembered that I still had a copy of Screenshot Captor (SC), which the first time put me off with its busier interface.

However, having spent a bit more time with SC, I was amazed with all the extra and really well-thought-out functionality. Its Quick-Capture bar turned out to be the solution to my problem, as I could take the screenshot with one click of the mouse, which overrode the keyboard sensitivity of the software window I wanted to capture.

Since then I’ve switched to SC as my main screenshot software, as it speeds up greatly the whole process of capturing the screenshot, editing the file name, and editing the image itself, as part of e.g. creating screenshots for this blog.

--- End quote ---


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