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early thread about coding snacks idea

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Thanks!  Please send it to my forum email address, [email protected] .

i think we will have more coders joining us for this game, so people start thinking of ideas!

i'd like to hear some useless 5 hour screensaver ideas too..

I think we need some rules laid down for this.  Such as whether or not it's appropriate to take up an idea if someone else already has.

good point... assuming i understand your point..

since these jobs should only take a few hourse it's not so much of a worry that more than one programmer might be working on it,
but i think the best policy would be that members should post ideas for silly little programs and any programmer who plans to work on it should say so, should make a post to that effect when they start working on it, so that other programmers can skip it unless they want to try as well.

so if you are a programmer, you must make a post before you start working on it, and after you finish, so that you save another programmer from working unnesc. on something they wouldn't have started if they knew someone else was working on.

my intention was that we have these things at the end of the month, but i dont see any harm in letting people suggest and code whenever they want.  i am making a page to host the programs, and associated source code if appropriate.

try to be creative people!! let's get some funny silly stuff coded.
prizes will be awarded for creativty, originality, humour, etc.
and hey, if you can think up a non-useless app that can be coded in 5 hours, go for it.


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