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early thread about coding snacks idea

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can we have a monthly contest for who can come up with the most fun idea for a utility/game that takes no more than 2-5 hours to write?
people can submit ideas whenever they get one, and on the last day of each month, a winner idea will be chosen that can be programmed in two hours or less.   totally useless insane ideas are acceptable.  maybe we can get more programmer's to join in and then we could have more than 1 winner each month..  what do you think?  i'll try to bring in a couple more programmers if we get some fun ideas.

ok first contest is for end of this month.. so you guys have 10 days to think of a useless ridiculous app or game that can be written in 2-5 hours. the less time the better..  winner gets to name the program and put their icon/picture name in the about box or something. and winning programs will be uploaded for everyone to try out.  person who suggested the idea can write up a little description and web page for the program.

do we need a name for this game... The Five Hour Fiasco?

what might be most fun would be simple little single-player games that dont involve much in the way of graphics

i suppose it would be helpful if ideas were vetted by a programmer regarding whether they meet the qualifications of the contest..
analysis of this idea:
this could be created in 2-5 hours, so it qualifies as a valid submission.


are you sorry because it qualifies?  ;D


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