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Show directories even when using file extension restriction


It would be nice if it were possible to show matching folders (in a specified search folder) even when file extension restrictions are used.

I want to find only files with the extension pdf, txt or odt in %MYDOCUMENTS% but also directories.

I tried pdf;txt;odt and pdf;txt;odt; and pdt;txt;odt;; and pdt;txt;odt; ; but none of them let the directories appear.

this certainly seems needed -- ill add some option for it.

In my opinion it should be an option per search path. Perhaps realized as a little checkbox  (with describing text).

Another way would be to introduce a special character (e.g. / or \) to use in the file extensions restriction list but I guess this would be an exceptional case in the processing of that list (which is not good).
Example: pdf;txt;/;odt  would display PDFs, TXTs, ODTs and directories.


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