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Good News - Possible Solution to the Smooth Animation for Circle Dock


This is very good news. I remember briefly glancing at the WinKibaDock project a few weeks back:

This was a project to port the Linux Kiba Dock to Windows but it was abandoned well before they got it all working.

The good news is that the got the animation aspects right and it performs quite well from the last executable they released (2006). What's more, they are also using a child objects -> background -> parent architecture like Circle Dock is using so lots of the code should be applicable with some understanding and conversion to a usable form. Even better is that it is written in C#, the same programming language that Circle Dock is written in! This greatly accelerates the progress of the project since much of the animation engine is already coded! I'm just briefly playing around with the program and browsing the source code, but it is very encouraging.

I hope to try out the WinKibaDock animation engine after I complete Alpha 8 this coming Sunday. It should make for some smooth animation that I think would be up to the quality of Rocket Dock or Object Dock!

Eric Wong

Great News

have fun and dont forget to keep us informed :)


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