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Steam, and the gift of game...

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I've been wanting to get COD4  (and preferably on steam) for some time, but I am not really to fond of the part where I have to pay $69.99 + tax, which in my case is 25% making the game almost $90. Especially if I can get the game for the US price which is only $49.99.

I'm hoping that some of the american DC users are using steam and would help me getting the game by them buying it and sending it to me as a gift.
I would prefer to send the money through paypal or donationcredits* to whomever decides to help me. Then again I don't really think there are other possibilites.

*hopefully someone can refresh my memory here, I can't remember if paypal takes an amount of the donated money, IE you donate $10 but paypal takes some of it and you end up with only ... $9 for donationcredits.

I can help you out.  My wife says the money needs to go in Paypal first though, and since I am poor, that's a necessity.  Contact me by Email, y0himba(at)gmail(dot)com.  I already have COD4, so I will purchase it and then gift it to you over Steam.

paypal fee calculator:

(paypal takes their fee from any donation before we even see it)

I thought donationcoder absorbed the paypal fee meaning you should give a little more

I don't like the idea of installing a program that downloads and manages and installs games for me.

Is Steam really all it's cracked up to be? Does it phone home or run when it's not supposed to? Does it hide itself as a service that runs automatically when my PC starts up?


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