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New Bug? [0.9.2 - Alpha Release 7.4]



Well, i guess no one noticed this bug yet... so...

Try doing this:

First, put some icons on your dock.
Then, go on settings, general, and if you set Key Presses/ Mouse Wheel Scrolls Per Rotation to 0,
it will spin forever. Ok, this is normal. But now, if you set it to ANY other number, or if you close your dock, all your icons will... disappear! And, you can't add anything else, only if you replace your System/Settings folder (I did'nt test which .ini archieve must be changed.)

Well, that's it.



New Bug? [0.9.2 - Alpha Release 7.4]1

Thanks for noticing this. This is caused by Circle Dock trying to divide by zero when it saves the rotation data to DockItemData.ini In DockItemData.ini -> [0] -> CircleRotation, it becomes NaN, which means not a number and causes an error in the program. Just change this back to some number such as 1 and it will work again. If you were in a dock folder while you were spinning it, just search and replace all occurrences of NaN and replace it with a number.

I will upload a fix tonight along with a couple of new language packs.

Eric Wong


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