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A Request For Your Help - help us spread the word!

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mouser: needs your help to spread the word about our site this month, and about our Novemeber fundraiser and celebration!

We've come so far in the last 8 months and we need to find a way to let people know about our site who haven't heard of us before.  We don't advertise and we don't have connections with people in high places - we depend on our members to help us spread the word about our site.

Will you please take some time today to help get out the word about our site and our fundraiser?

* If you're a member of another forum - maybe this is a good time to let your friends know about us, and what you like about our site, about our special giveaways this month, and about our software (we just release a new version of Screenshot Captor today, and more updates are coming!).
* If you run (or know someone who runs) a website or if you have a blog or something, maybe this is a good time to mention our site and tell people about what you like about our site?
* Do you know a site that might be willing to post an announcement about or about our special fundraiser? Please email them and tell them why you think they should.
* We're finally starting to incorporate additional authors into the site - this is a big step for us torwards becoming a real community of coders and users, and I think it signals a real evolution of our site.. Do you know of a technology site that might be interested in a submission about us?  Won't you please take the time to submit such an entry?
* Maybe you could include a link to our site or fundraiser page in your signature on other forums for the remainder of the month?
* If you are a fan of one of our programs but you've never written a review of it on the software announcement pages, now is the perfect time!
* Maybe you have another idea?
Thank you.
-mouser /

I did put - lots of nice freeware/donationware!
in my email signature, a few guys already visited the DC site for the first time because of this :) (they told me)

Also, I told folks I know on IRC, ICQ and AIM about the site and November fundraiser.

Lets hope you'll get lots of donations to finance the new server and maybe a few more tools that you need for coding or site development.

Hmm, just had an idea... what about you create one or two internal pages (for those that are interested) that just link to the main page and the specials page?

Everyone taking part could than spread 'his' own URLs and it would be better possible to track it! I like the idea :)

how about making donationcoder one of these userbars.
I might feel inclined to advertise (uk sp!) in other forums that suffer my shining witt!

great idea - i will make one and if anyone else with better graphics skills wants to give a try that would be nice too.  this is where a new logo would come in handy :)

jpfx that sleeping cat ascii art has to be one of the best (zen-like in its simplicity) ascii art drawings i've ever seen.


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