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Finally!Beyond Compare3 released


After years of preparing, Scooter Software released the brand new BC3!

Expanded Session concept
Fully unicode enabled
Tabbed interface for session views
Text comparison features
Full in-pane editor with dynamic re-comparisons
Syntax highlighting
Adaptive gutter buttons for copying sections
Unlimited undo after save
Grammar-based comparison rules
Independent file formats for each side of the comparison
 3-way text merge

We already had a thread about this :), but it shows a relatively long way down the list when using forum search for "beyond compare"...

Yeah, my fault. In hindsight I should have started a new thread. Thanks for making this information more generally accessible, zhouzh2  :Thmbsup:

Note that Scooter software has made a 40% discount on BC3 (it applies to upgrade pricing as well) available to supporting DC members through August 30th... Check it out via the Specials link at the top of this page.

I did install the trial of BC3 to see the various changes.  One thing I will say is that the interface is some what confusing to me.  I did install the beta over a month ago, and it is nice to see that there are three panes for the 3-way merge side by side now.  It would be nice to get rid of the window at the bottom though.

Why is editing not permitted in every pane though?  The fifth feature listed in the original post doesn't seem to apply, since you can only edit in one pane:

I really do like the portable install option though.  It hasn't changed a thing in my system, so when my evaluation ends, I can simply delete the folder where the files are.


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