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Flash Game of the Week - Shadez: The Black Operations


This one was mentioned on today, but i think it deserves a bigger write up.

[ edit: it's featured more prominently today at ]

It's a beautifully animated military game that borrows elements from Tower Defense games and RPG games.  Your units do battles mostly on their own but you have to make careful decisions about what weapons and units to use and when.  Clever idea and beautifully done.

Cute game, love the graphics - it gets somewhat trivial, though.

Make sure you have an air missile and artillery ready every time you start a level. Start building 9 apaches, 9 troops and 9 tanks when there's 5-10 seconds to next round. Have an anti-air missile selected to nuke the first few kamikaze planes (a few will probably slip through), shortly hereafter enemy artillery will usually arrive - so you launch your artillery against them. That buys you a lot of breathing room against ground units, so you only have to focus on anti-air missiles against the kamikazes, until you have enough apaches to shoot them down. The reason to produce foot soldiers is that they'll move forward quickly, and attract the kamikazes - cannon fodder :)

That strategy worked very well for me, but it got trivial so I stopped right after level 25.

I like the idea, but by level 15 I could kill everything with two artillery strikes and a helicopter. Stopped being much point

Does this game ever end?

I've got over $10 million and I'm using up expensive air strikes right and left just because I can...

Flash Game of the Week - Shadez: The Black Operations
Flash Game of the Week - Shadez: The Black Operations


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