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IDEA: Customizable Unicode character paster

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This is close to being awesome!  :up:

I might be able to figure out how to transform & transfer the buttons from 1.2, but I am confused about how to calculate the new window size and such. Are you planing to explain this subject in a more clear way in the next Config.ini? Or are you maybe already planing to make up a big brother version with easy "room" for many more buttons / characters? I merely wanted to also add some card and music signs:

My copy of version 1.2:

IDEA: Customizable Unicode character paster

With Easy Unicode Paster Version 1.3, there is no longer a need to calculate the window size. The program will automatically save the last window size used and the last position the window was at upon exiting. It will load this again when the program restarts. This means that all you have to worry about is what is inside [Unicode Characters] in Config.ini.

The syntax for Config.ini is slightly different. You now use *NUM* at the end of the name for a unicode character to specifiy that you are giving the program it's unicode xml number. The text on the very left of each line, before the "=" sign is used as the unique name and tooltip text for the button. You can still paste what you have from version 1.2 into version 1.3 and the program will still display it. Give it a try and post your Config.ini file if you have trouble.

To modify the size and font of the buttons, right click on them when you have Easy Unicode Paster opened.

I'll do a section up on the website explaining how to modify Config.ini.

I am a little too tired to do it right now - it is midnight around here, but I will try tomorrow. At the moment I am happy with version 1.2 - see new screenshot. However, 1.2 or 1.3; they do not accept Start Minimized. Will you consider to add such feature, so I can have it start silently with Windows, please?

Did you notice that it is impossible to Alt+PrntScr -capture the window? Not that it matters.

IDEA: Customizable Unicode character paster

 :) It seems I made a similar tool a little while back. Have a look at


:) It seems I made a similar tool a little while back. Have a look at

-skrommel (August 30, 2008, 06:37 PM)
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Yes but it seems some do not manage to get it to work.


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