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IDEA: Customizable Unicode character paster

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@Curt, I got your symbols working in the new version of Easy Unicode Paster (V1.3):

IDEA: Customizable Unicode character paster1
IDEA: Customizable Unicode character paster2

I have started a webpage for Easy Unicode Paster. The address is:

You can download your Cards & Music version of EUP (1.3) off the website.

If anyone else has some character sets they want or they want to create some character sets for Easy Unicode Paster, just post here or PM me.

Eric Wong

Beautiful.. I love when you create these attractive web pages for your programs.
Eric -- you should make and submit "pad files" for your programs.

Also, if wikidot supports it, you can now embed a widget listing recent posts in your section of the forum using an rss feed of this board.

Yeah, I should do those pad files. I did one of them but I forgot about it....


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, there are tooltips for each of the unicode buttons in Easy Unicode Paster 1.3.

Wow! Very impressive, Eric  :Thmbsup: Thank you for this - I'm going to give it a go.


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