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New Super-PikyBasket Suite is shareware

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But one of my very first thoughts was that many people will ask for option to purchase only one of the three, for maybe $12, rather than the $30 package. What will ConceptWorld's answer be to such requests?
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Good question. We will have to wait and watch. If many users ask for just one of the three products, then we may have to split and sell them individually too.

Two more important 'features' to be mentioned:

Compatibility: PikySuite products are add-ons to Windows Explorer. They also work inside other popular file managers such as Total Commander, Directory Opus, xplorer2, RecentX, XYPlorer and ExplorerXP.  -1
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Does anyone have the setup file for the "old" PikyBasket, please? I will like to test the new PikySuite, but this will take for me to remove the old version, and I don't have the setup file, in case I would like to re-install.


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