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August 26 had some slight downtime -- thanks to gothic for fixing it

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Sorry, am from the "Give that man a cigar!" generation... ;)

Hmmm, is Cudos not a brand of cigars?  ;D

Also, how do you know the DC server is well treated? The DC server goes down, and mouser doesn't hiperventilate on the irc channel.
--- End quote ---

only the people who were online on irc a couple of years ago when the server had it's first serious outage can know how big a deal this is.  i felt like i was going to have a heart attack i was so panicked and frustrated by the server being down and rushing around trying to figure out what to do.

a little part of my new calmness is just getting used to the fact that servers sometimes have downtime and you don't need to get so worked up, but mostly its the fact that i know John is on the case and will make sure the server is fixed after it has a problem.  it has saved my sanity.

OK Folks, we now have an official explanation for the problem this morning. If you are a regular of the IRC channel, you will know that our very own mouser has a problem with air conditioners. Well, today, we have discovered that after a night out on the town, mousey came back to his apartment and mistook his air conditioner for a comode. As such, the air conditioner shorted out. Since mouser runs off of his 386 running windows nt 3.51 and an aol 2.0 connection, the system overheated due to improper ventilation. This has been resolved, but who knows when we will have another issue with air conditioning. Given mouser's extensive problematic history with air conditioners, this reporter says "Nope".

</comedic satire>

might still be bumpy today, i'm installing a new kernel today.

the air conditioner shorted out.-Josh (August 27, 2008, 01:14 AM)
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What's passed is past, it's water under the southbridge.


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