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Mini-review of 1-hour software by Skrommel: CAPshift v1.7 and ShiftOff v1.2


Thought you might be interested by a sort of review posted here:
Tip - dispatching the CapsLock gremlin with Microsoft's remapkey.exe

It refers to the Microsoft remapkey.exe utility.
Both CAPshift v1.7 and ShiftOff v1.2 are regarded as being useful, but redundant if you use remapkey.exe.

Good find.
Here's another page talking about remapkey:

Thanks. The TechRepublic article you pointed to seems comprehensive on remapkey.exe.

both methods are discussed in the authotkey's help, listing down the pros and cons with each of them.


Note that Microsoft's remapkey.exe can still be downloaded from here: remapkey.exe (click the link).
The contents of the file cannot be displayed. Just press the "Download" button when you get to the link, and it downloads with that file name.


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