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Text Manipulation Addons Firefox


To date No Squint has served me well for the right size of text on a web site that I prefer. Using Firefox 3.1 or whatever the latest is.....

Anyway, I found this addon-

And it doesn't seem to really do much.
I was wondering if anyone else has tried it.
And if they had better experience with it.

No Squint may be blocking it's functions.
Whatever they are.

I can move this whole post area around on my display as I'm typing in it,
 but that is about it.
Maybe that's it's only function?
Anyone see the importance of it?

Also are there other text addons that you like and use.
Ther's quite a few, but many are not rated high.

Just wondering....

it can resize the text area, this is useful when writing a long post, for me i use enlarge text area bookmarklet from here:

as for moving the text area i think it serves no purpose.

I still wonder why form enlargement is not a default function in Opera and Firefox...

as for moving the text area i think it serves no purpose

It seems it can't be moved to a second monitor which would make it more useful.

Thanks for the link kimmchii!

Well!, I figured I could move the Firefox window to a second monitor and the text area could be used and resized on the main monitor.

And the main reason for this post is another addon, posted today on my reader, for the posting text area that can save the text should you accidentally move to another page in the same tab or other reasons..........

I'm still testing it to see how dependable it is.


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