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MyInfo 4.10 - free form organizer

MyInfo is a free-form personal information manager that helps your organize your tasks, notes and anything you want to reference in the future.

MyInfo 4.10 - free form organizer

It was mentioned few times on these forums and was reviewed by superboyac.

MyInfo has a really smooth and quick way to add tags to notes. These tags act like categories/keywords/labels in other programs. Basically, you just put the mouse over the tag icon, and the list of tags associated with the note rolls out, and when you click on one of the words, you now see a list of notes that are associated with the tag. I will discuss this feature a little more below.-superboyac
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So you might be interested in our latest version - MyInfo 4.10.

What's new in MyInfo 4 and 4.10:

* Spell checking
* Portable edition (install on Flash drives)*
* Formatting in the tree
* Improved filtering
* Customizable state icons
* Customizable keyboard shortcuts
* AES-256 encryption*
* CSV/delimited text import
* CSV/delimited text export*
* Archive web pages in MyInfo
* - these features are available in the Pro edition of MyInfo

Useful Resources:
Download trial version of MyInfo 4.10
Learn more about MyInfo

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