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EDraw Max on Giveawayoftheday (8/19/08)

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EDraw Max is the offering on Giveaway of the Day today (8/19/08).

It appears to be the flagship program offered by the devs of EDraw Flowchart which was recommended by Veign and a few others for flowcharting and other similar tasks:

Program's website:

Once again, it's free at on August 19, 2008.

And for those who are wary of installing from giveawayoftheday for whatever reason, download the zip file from giveawayoftheday and look in the readme.txt file for the registration info, and then download the trial from the developer's website.  Then just register it like normal.

Did that earlier ....looks good and has a very good thumbsup rating

I got it and the registration info works, but after typing in the registration information it activates the product online. Some users at the GOTD page, have reported an error message when activating that states: "the license code has been used in other computers." - See GOTD Comment page for the comments

It's a great program and interface is very nice and intuitive.
I did not have the activation issue that was reported above.


I did the download-from-website and then register option, and had no problems whatsoever. Looks like a solid app, will be using it for brainstorming and whatnot.

I got this I believe when it was on Bits du Juor. Could be real nice, but it is lacking in a lot of areas. E.g., scale cannot be set on floor plans. The developer says that setting the page size sets the scale. So if you set the ruler units to be "Feet" and the page size is "Letter", the ruler shows 0.005, 0.010, etc. No way to set 1/4" = 1'0" or anything similar.

Also, if your native language is English you will be either amused or annoyed at several commands and Help pages. They were apparently written in another language and then a translator software used to render it in English. (Maybe Google Translator considering the quality!)

I had written them about the last version which used very ancient Palm devices as mobile devices in all images, but called them "PLAMs".  Commands like on the Page Size dialog which has a setting that you can choose called, "Seem to Print Paper".  Huh?

As I said, amusing to an extent, but it can get frustrating after a while!



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