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TrialPay is a good deal all around for everyone.

bumping, one of my favorite games have recently become available with trialpay. If you wanna try out trialpay you could get Cortex Command. It's great but you need a pretty powerful cpu to run it reasonably. And it has pretty shallow content since they have been focusing on getting the engine up and running, but a few mods can help that out.

Trialpay offer page

Just be sure you browse through the sponsors to get the offer you have to pay less for. That list is a bit old, I think this one has most of the trialpay programs (says 400) -

I just this week bought Returnil through trialpay. That wasn't on that list.

I don’t know - they will have to get some actual products there before I'll look at it harder. I just checked out getting Returnil Premium with TrialPay but most of the items there are either services that I do not need, or subscriptions; subscriptions to magazines, credit report junk, and that sort of thing.

Nothing there like purchase a book or DVD at Amazon, or a USB Flash drive anywhere. That would be a draw for me.




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