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The other good one I saw was Roboform.

I did the Snapfish trial. Very easy and cheap. I signed up, they gave me 50 free prints. I bought one print with the credit they gave me. So, I got Returnil for the 90 cents postage that Snapfish charged me.

here is a nice list of trialpay offers

over 365 trialpay offers. The site is not professionally done, but it does offer most comprehensive collection of free software downloads with trialpay.

my experience with trialpay has been nothing short of blissful ;-), if you know what i mean.
i got to get full version downloads for free, simply by trying out other products, like zoom panel (no cc required)
and fill out a 5 minute survey. Cant beat getting a $50 software for spending 5-10minutes. In addtion, to that i even got a free music download.

i am an avid vistor of the above site, constantly looking for addtions to the list of free trialpay software.

here is another site, extremely professional "free with trialpay"

unfortunately they only offer best 16 trialpay offers.

It works I got Arcade Line a very addictive puzzle game through TrialPay.


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