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ctrl + space activates language bar settings & not FARR

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I was messing around with my sound card and I've now somehow mapped the ctrl + space key combo to some sort of text recognition feature of Windows Vista (SP1). This happened once before and of course I didn't document the fix (it may have just fixed itself). Anyone run into this? I hit ctrl + space and Microsoft Anna says, "There is no text". I could use Alt + Space, but I don't want to.  Any ideas for remapping? I don't have the language bar running, and I've confirmed that all other languages are disabled and all text related assistance utilities are disabled too.



I had already checked all those settings. No luck. Somehow ctrl + space has been mapped to activate the narrator and I can't find a reference to it.

Any other ideas? Now the Narrator no longer says anything, Ctrl + Space doesn't work. I've confirmed that it's checked in the FARR settings.


I am experiencing the same problem where the ctrl-space mapping returns an annoying "There is no text" from the narrator. This is especially frustrating since ctrl-space is used in Eclipse for code completion. Were you able to find a solution? Thank you!


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