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passing parameters to .exe and .bat

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Well, it seems like I wasn't crazy in the head after all.  The remote desktop alias that I described in the original post is a real issue.  It is intermitent, and I have not been able to pin down the environment under which it fails and the one under which it works.  As of this writing it has gone back to "not working", and nothing in the config has changed that would seem to make this happen.  Any tips on how I can provide more data to aid debbugin?

try changing the launch method used by FARR on the General options tab.
if it's intermitant then maybe the problem is not with farr..

Works fine iff you change %SystemRoot% to C:\Windows\ or equivalent for your system. Clearly it should work with the environment variable but as a temporary solution I guess you should just use the absolute path, or is it not possible?

Changing the launch method didn't fix the problem.

Some results:

For all, I had to replace the %var% with the absolute to make it work.

* With: Checked "Use document launch helper utility", used "Method 2 - ShellExecuteEx"
  - The "rd" alias works.
  - Opening a link to a file (which has assosiated program in explorer) does not work.

* With: Checked "Use document launch helper utility", used "Method 1 - ShellExecute"
  - The "rd" alias works.
  - Opening a link to the file works.

Third, people have been requesting an easier way to pass parameters to a tool for a while now, and i think it's time for me to add it.  The idea that i think we settled on for how to do this is to allow some way to express on the search line that you want to pass extra paramaters to the launched program, like: "search terms :: param1 param2"  that would tell far that whatever you type after the :: should be passed as commandline parameters.  Thoughts?
-mouser (August 15, 2008, 11:15 AM)
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Some way of passing commandline parameters is really needed. Perhaps launchy's method is the most intuitive one. Pressing Tab would add a special visual separator (a triangle if I recall correctly) behind the text in the searchbox and you could write any parameters needed. Now, since Tab is used to autocomplete there should be a check to see if currently selected item in the result list is executable or not before deciding what would be done (autocomplete or take commandline parameters).

In the meantime, here's my alias that helps a little:

--- ---1000>>>exec arguments>->$$1.$$2 $$3>+>(.*).(exe|bat) (.*)
Now the only thing to keep in mind is that you have to enter the full path to the desired application or utility (which is easily done by pressing Tab on the selected item)

Hope it helps,


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