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AVG, AVAST...?  Which free edition is less resource hog?    :-[

I haven't measured its "resource consumption", but Avast seems to do a fine job on my system and doesn't cause any significant slowdowns.

I ran Avast for a few years, but dumped it awhile ago - too heavy for my system.  AVG runs significantly lighter for me.  But...  I've come around to realising that you tend to get what you pay for with antivirus software, and both of these tend to score quite low on the comparative tests - I think Avast is a bit higher than AVG.  If you're running free AV, be sure to have other layered security programs - things like a2, MS AntiSpyware, Kerio Personal Firewall, etc.  As I say, I used free security programs for a long time - now I swear by NOD32 and Outpost for myself, and for others who want to stick with free things, usually a combination of AVG and Kerio for the lightest resource-usage.

Thanks m_s for sharing your experience with AVG and AVAST.
Does this mean that you consider these two to be the tops in the "free" world?

Of the free programs, in my experience, they're the best - there is also AntiVir, which is very good for an-demand, but I don't think it gives resident protection...


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