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Should I Review Free Whois, Traceroute, & Finger Apps?

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Reviews in the forum sound reasonable to me.  I think that sub-boards of the "Software in the Wild" is a good idea.  Can I request a sub-board for my reviews titled "Dragonrider's Fly-bys" (Don't mind me, I liked the column title).  :)
Seriously though, if there isn't a single spot in the forums where I can post, I'll just go do it on the webpage you set up for me & post announcements in the forum.

I like the idea of an index / table of contents page to announce new reviews.


ok i set up a section called Member Mini-Reviews for such reviews;
i think its a great idea and i hope others will follow your lead and write their own.

as soon as you have more than 1 or 2 mini reviews, i will create a special child board for you if you still want it, but i think its kind of nice to think of all member reviews being in one place so its more convenient for people who want to go read user reviews, so they dont have to go to different places.

i will make an index web page for the reviews and there we can specifcally highlight which reviews are by who and make a link to your column, your reviews, and any extra web pages of info.

you could do a review of nmap, it is a pretty good program, it's what the people of my favorite tech iptv show's use for finding out information.


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