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What is a mouser? What does it mean to mouser someone?

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Be advised, one of our recent new members to the IRC channel, during his first visit to the channel was in fact mousered. Below is an excerpt from the incident. Suspects have been brought in for questioning and Cody is being held without bond for obstruction of justice.

[10:55] * dcjoshuaw ([email protected]) has joined #donationcoder
[10:55] <Midion> :O I think that will work!
[10:55] <Midion> Thanks alot im reading the forum for the autoindex program now.
[10:55] <@Ehtyar> np, glad to help :)
[10:55] <@MouserBot> [DC Forum] Re: Invalid docking layout stream header - Clipboard Help+Spell - by jokimo -
[10:55] <hamradio> hello
[10:55] <@Ehtyar> hey ham man
[10:59] <hamradio> sup
[11:01] <@MouserBot> [DC Forum] Re: NANY 2009 Release: Trout - N.A.N.Y. 2009 - by nogojoe -
[11:04] * hamradio ([email protected]) Quit ( *POOF*)
[11:04] * Skwire ([email protected]) Quit (Read error: Connection refused)
[11:05] * Skwire ([email protected]) has joined #donationcoder
[11:06] * idc ([email protected]) Quit (
[11:08] * _idc ([email protected]) has joined #donationcoder
[11:13] <dcjoshuaw> does anyone here know about writing plugins?
[11:13] <@Metshrine> For what Josh?
[11:13] <@Metshrine> FARR?
[11:14] <dcjoshuaw> sorry, for FARR
[11:14] <@Metshrine> What in particular do you require knowledge enhancement on?
[11:14] <dcjoshuaw> I'm using the c# sdk provided, but don't understand how FARR gets the results to display
[11:15] * superboya ([email protected]) has joined #donationcoder
[11:15] * superboya ([email protected]) has joined #donationcoder
[11:15] <dcjoshuaw> I use SearchBegins() to initiate the search, get my results, but how do they get back to FARR?
[11:16] <@Metshrine> Hmm, that's beyond my scope, I tell you what thou, hold out here, if you can, for about 10-15, someone might be available to assist
[11:18] <dcjoshuaw> I'll hang around, but I might be busy by that time to do much. Otherwise I'll post on the forum later
[11:22] * _idc is now known as idc
[11:24] <mouser> dcjoshuaw
[11:24] <mouser> i can help
[11:24] <mouser> but im going to be busy today
[11:24] <mouser> but there are several of us who work on farr
[11:24] <mouser> and can help
[11:24] <mouser> starting tomorrow
[11:38] <dcjoshuaw> sure mouser. Is it best to post on the forum instead? What time is it where you are, for reference?
[11:40] <@Metshrine> joshua: So you don't end up mousered, read here for definition:, i would post to the forums so he has record
[11:45] <dcjoshuaw> lol. Noted Metshrine. I've already posted to the forum, but Mouser himself didn't comment, so I figured he was away for the holidays or something, since he's usually pretty good with commenting on ppls threads. I was surprised he was around. I'll see whos around tomorrow else will post on the forum. Online help with this would be easier and faster I think
[11:46] <@Metshrine> Be warned, the mouser is a wiley creature and although he appears mild mannered on the web forum, he is far from that on IRC.

--- End quote ---

This is a classic example of a mouserer at work. Be warned, these creatures are nefarious and unrelenting in their mouserings and it is advised to avoid them at all costs.

you know its bad when you term in "real life" at work or something... and people look at you funny.  :P then you have be like "oh never mind"...

But I also would like to say that Mouser cannot sit still to save his life. That guy must have random though processes that in the middle of one thing his brain goes and sais " hey why don't I go and make some pizza" thus leaving the conversation....

I admit that I am also like that at times, but at least I will say, BBL or something.... ;D

Wonder how you code if you can't sit still? With my setup I could use voice recognition and walk around with a headset, but unless you have that and/or a wireless keyboard, its kind of difficult. Maybe that would explain the seemingly random releases/updates for his apps? :P

So you were mousered in real life Della? That is a good first for this site!

. Dunno why he puts up with this.


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