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Music files 101

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Carol Haynes:
Oops - ignorance is bliss ;)

- Left by the fatal and neglected English

Eh? -Carol Haynes (December 06, 2008, 03:03 PM)
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Edited, ... cannot speak English today

- Left by the fatal and neglected English-Curt
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Nice one, Curt!   

Hirudin: so, it does proper single-flac-and-cutesheet ripping for albums now? Might be worth upgrading, then... dBp is superior to EAC imho, achieving bit-perfect copies faster.

Curt: I've always found TDC to be somewhat expensive compared to the competitors. At least back in the days it was justifiable because they offered more stable connections, but that isn't really so anymore. And their tech support absolutely sucks :)

As for bitrate, isn't WMA designed to sound better at lower bitrates than MP3? I wouldn't even consider anything non-FLAC for paid digital-only music anyway, though.

I don't use that method (I do single track MP3s, and I ain't doing all these CDs again), but I think so...

[edit]... hmm... I didn't really look at what was created with the current Rip As 1 option until now. I'm not seeing any .cue file in there and I couldn't find an option in the program and I also couldn't find any information on how to turn it on by searching google. Maybe it's not implemented properly after all...[/edit]

Here it is ripping...

And the files it made...

Weezer - Weezer (Blue Album).txt (0.66 kB - downloaded 334 times.)


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