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rename from FARR window

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What's the best way to do this?  When I right click an item and select "Shell Context menu", the "rename" item doesn't do anything.  If I right click and select "Explore here", the folder is brought up but the individual file is not selected, which means I have to search for it all over again.

Is there something obvious I'm missing, or maybe a setting somewhere I have to change?


Dave P

I hadn't noticed that rename from shell context doesnt work but you are right it doesnt.
what bout trying right-click -> properties
and then change name in top editbox.

nothing happens there either.  I also seem to have the up to date version (2.30.01), i.e. my DC updater isn't flashing.


This is not really on-topic but I just wanted to mention the following application: QTTabBar
Once installed, there is a nice little search bar available which filters the current's folder contens by what you type.
I've attached a screenshot from my current WinXP configuration with QTTabBar and QTAdressBar (and BricoPack Vista Inspirat 2). In the example I typed "fi" into the search bar which results in all entries not containing "fi" being filtered out.

Farr can do it too, I never use Windows Explorer to navigate and search files anymore anyway so I wouldn't use this. But I guess some people would like this, thanks for sharing :)

Kinda lame to make XP look like Vista though ;)


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