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Wanted - .mov (quicktime) to swf converter ...

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I'd like anyone's recommendations on a mov to swf converter - freeware would be nice  if possible.
Have sighted a few shareware ones, but I'm a bit put off by the prices I'm seeing (can't really afford / justify it) Maybe there's a good cheapie out there!

what are the shareware ones?

flash video studio, swishvideo,total video converter, sothink flashvideo encoder so far ... Ive been checking through the list at
(most products there aren't freeware)

Carol Haynes:
QuickTime Pro will export files in AVI format (I think the Pro license costs $29.95) You may be able to find a cheaper or free converter to AVI.

Then CamStudio can convert AVI to SWF ... see

A good conversion program is WinAVI - it converts most video formats and is quite customisable. Unfortunatley SWF isn't one of the formats supported for export (it is for import) but there is a huge range (inc. AVI) also at $29.95.

By the way - if you go for WinAVI let me know - there are some additional plugins required for some formats, and whilst the developer was helpful tracking them down they weren't obvious to find. (use the forum PM service)

thanks Carol, will start following that up tomorrow. She who must be obeyed has pointed to the time :)


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