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Two 'essential' features

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Hi Mouser,

I stopped using PopUp Wisdom because it steals mouse focus. I was excited to see that you've updated the program recently - but I was bummed to see that fixing the mouse focus issue is still on the ToDo list. That's a dealbreaker for me, and I'd love to see this fixed whenever you can.

I also noticed that when I was using it, the quotes seemed to come up randomly - but would frequently repeat quotes many times without showing some of them at all. If not already addressed, is it in the plans to address this? It would be cool if the program would cycle through all quotes before showing a repeat.

These two issues would make PopUp Wisdom at least 10 times more valuable to me.

I appreciate your work. Thanks!


im going to fix the first problem of focus very soon, it shouldnt be hard.

the second idea is interesting.. wouldn't be all that hard to do, at least until reboot.

Sweet. Thanks.


Don't want to bug ya; just want to let you know that I'm eager for the update whenever you can get to it. :)


thank you for reminding me -- i am long overdue in updating this.. stay tuned this month for an update.


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