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new birdy comic website from nudone and timns

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yes, looks great, both website & comics
especially enjoyed the "car-wax" & the two "stoopid" strips
congrats nudone & timns :)

thanks, tomos, i'm pleased you liked it.

nudone, good work! i'll definitely check this out when i'm back on broadband (am on dial-up now) :)

Dang, you guys sure are artistic.  I'm jealous of your websites!  I love those pencil sketches, I have a thing for pencil sketches.  All I can do is copy people's ideas for websites.  Boo!

By the way, I also copied nudone's avatar thing, where it looks like the head's coming out of the box.  I'm shameless!

Thank you one and all. What can I say except that nudone is the powerhouse of the team... I just crank out something that I hope is a good gag and let him run with it.

Very happy we teamed up: thanks mouser, and yay for nudone.


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