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new birdy comic website from nudone and timns

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just a quick announcemet for our new comic strip website. as you'll see, the characters are probably related to Cody, or are his friends, at least. who knows, maybe Cody will make an appearance.

the work is a collaboration between me and another DC member, timns.

there are plenty of strips lined up and ready to go, updates will be on mondays and thursdays. the website itself is not 100% finished but it's close enough for the moment (there's plenty of stuff that needs cleaning or tweaking underneath it all).

i hope you have time to have a look and become a regular reader. there's the usual RSS and email subscriptions services available.

here's the link:

First of all, this is one of the most elegant and professional looking designs i've seen, anywhere.  The top banner especially.
Second of all, I'm blown away by the style and content of the stuff you (and timns) are creating (anyone who hasn't gone and checked out the Codex Transportica site needs to do so immediately).

You guys are making a good team -- you need to open up a business now where you do mascot creation / website design, etc.  I think you could offer a unique set of skills to companies looking to build a compelling web site.

Lastly I have to say it brings a smile to my face to know you guys met here on DonationCoder :)

By the way, tim has been doing great writing for Codex Transportica -- really enjoying how well it captures the time and place.  Great work tim!

Wonderful! :)

thanks very much for saying so. and yes it is also all down to DC that we teamed up (and a bit of match making from mouser), what a wonderful thing DC is.

and i'd also like to thank Tim here for helping out with the Transportica. he stepped in at a crucial moment and has done more than i could ever have hoped for.


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