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Journal/Diary Software


Basic Info

App NameJournalApp URLhttp://DeltaBravoSoft.comApp Version Reviewed2.01Supported OSesWindows 98 and laterSupport MethodsemailUpgrade PolicyFree upgradesTrial Version Available?Yes, only limitation max. 30 entriesPricing SchemeUSD 39.95Relationship btwn. Reviewer and Product REVIEWER: Developer


This is a Journal/Diary program developed to include useful features and for being user friendly.
Some of these features might not be wanted by some users, but I have it confirmed that they are not bloatware.
A daily entry can, besides the date, consist of the location, 3 keywords, weather data, notes, text and an image.
Powerful search facilities for keywords and text in notes in daily entries, in addresses, in appointments and in things-to-do find the corresponding record(s) quickly and you can browse through the results.
Reminders can be set for up to 99 days in advance for birthdays entered in addresses, appointments and things-to-do.
A graph lets you compare at a glance the time-related occurrences of the same keyword or words in notes.
Additional features are "On-This-Day", easy maintenance and password protection.

Who is this app designed for:

Anybody looking for a dynamic Journal/Diary software.

The Good

Finding easily all the details you are looking for.

The needs improvement section

Please let me know.


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