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Forum Posting Contest for the month of October 2009


I am posting the following message for the admin of Traffic Geek.....

Traffic Geek has recently started a new forum and is having their first posting contest during the month of October.

The Traffic Geek Forum is a webmaster forum that has discussions on Search Engines, Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing and Web Design. More than 65 topics in all. It also features a Free Marketplace where you can promote your products and services at no charge.

The forum posting contest runs through the month of October 2009. The top three posters will win the following prizes...

1st Place - Choice of 3 software products
2nd Place - Choice of 2 software products
3rd Place - Choice of 1 software product

The winners can choose any software products listed on Traffic Geek Software Products

The rules on the posting contest are defined in Forum News section of the forum.

You can visit the Traffic Geek Forum at Traffic Geek Forum

Good Luck in the Posting Contest!

I'm not sure if this qualifies as spam, but it sure looks distasteful.

I call it shady when I see it, this is shady.

Paul Keith:
Well...this is semi-ingenious. Just the wrong forum/broadcasting platform I think.

Nevertheless, I hope this thread doesn't get closed because I would like to see the outcome of this attempt from a marketing attempt perspective.


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